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Innovative Design With Health In Mind


At the heart of every Welnest product is our advanced engineered material that is non-porous while resistant to stains, chemicals, abrasion, fire, and moisture. These benefits, combined with our lightweight core technology, produce lighter, stronger, and durable products.

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Product 101

  • Hygienic - Easy to clean and chemical resistant
  • Strong - Impact resistant, heat resistant, and fire-resistant
  • Precision - Carved out handles, rounded edges, and concealed hinge
  • Assurance - Repairable, reconfigurable, and engineered to last
  • Versatile - Myriad of uses, thermoformable with limitless possibilities
  • Safe - Non-toxic, non-porous, and minimizes the risk of bacteria and infection

A Full Spectrum Approach

Our goal at Welnest is simple – to create maintainable solutions that allow for a better, safer, and healthier life for people everywhere. In designing for today’s demanding facilities, every surface needs to deliver beautiful design, high performance, and safety. Our products help limit the spread of infection and are designed to protect lives and contribute to sustainable buildings.


Healthcare Space Solutions

The ever-changing space for patients to heal requires solutions that adapt to various procedures and ages of patients. We strive to offer color, texture, and functional support for the myriad of needs encountered in patient rooms and recovery areas to support patients, caregivers, and visitors.

We cannot forget about the interactions between patients, receptionists, technicians, nurses, doctors, and administrators. We strive to develop furnishings to revitalize the energy for everyone who interacts within a healthcare facility.



Welnest helps you meet or exceed industry standards to design with the ability to foster creativity and enhance aesthetics. You can create designs that are pleasing, coordinated, and have a unique appearance. We can design from the top-down, with a smooth, seamless look that can impact your projects.

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